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The automotive manufacturers are facing radical changes in the business due to the rapid emergence of digital technology and re-distribution of global supply chains. Redspark offers technical know-how and consultancy services for providing the best services to the Automotive manufacturers with the help of analytics, social media and mobility. We help in improving your core manufacturing and supply chain processes to match the best in the world.

With a completely dedicated team and highly resourceful software, we will provide you the right Transport and Automotive solutions for achieving your business objectives. Our tailored and customized services covers every aspect of your business ranging from the inventory management to customer support services.

Challenges Faced by the Transport and Automotive Industry

High-Level Competition

For facing the competition on an international as well as national level, the automotive industries needs aggressive measures and sophisticated supplies to bring into practice for achieving the success.

Following Traditional Way of Business

The transport and automotive business is running on the hardware. Almost 60 % of the business is earning revenue through the daily process of inflow and outflow. But, the entire system of transportation has been changed and they will have to adopt the software services for running the business.

Isolated Groups

There are a number of transport agencies who have hidden their identity from the global system of transport. Due to the isolation, the customer doesn’t trust their services, which ultimately results in the loss of productivity and customers.

Regular Compliance

The government has made some strict rules and regulations that need to be mandatory followed by all the transportation companies. The regular compliance is being necessary for getting the quality as well as productivity check of the services.

Our Automotive IT Solutions


Connected Supply Chain

We develop an enterprise system strategy, re-engineer business processes and integrate back-end enterprise systems. We can easily integrate back-end enterprise system with the business applications such as warehouse management and transportation management systems.


Automotive Social Media Tracking and Reporting

An on demand service for the regular and event-based social watch covering the competitor intelligence, lead generation, supply chain disruptions, product design feedback and customer experience can be taken.


Digital Automotive Experience

We perfectly combine automotive industry domain expertise with our capabilities in user-interference design, mobility, social media, IOT and analytics for developing digital automotive experience applications for targeting the new age customers.

Key Services Redspark Offers for the Transport Industry

  • Product Life-Cycle Management (PLCM)
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions (EMS)
  • Logistics and Inventory Solutions
  • Dealer Management System
  • BI and Data Warehousing Solutions

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