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We Invent Health and Fitness App to make the world Healthier and Smarter

For making the healthcare services reach the public more frequently and easily, the modernized technologies are getting well-advanced to out-reach a number of people living in the remote and rural areas. Taken as a step of progression for making the world digitized, we do offer the web and mobile app solutions for the healthcare and fitness industry. Our expert developers have years of experience and mastery in creating the app related to the health and fitness issue. To name such a few we have created fitness monitoring, hospital location, homecare tips, drugs reference, disease-symptom checking and educational training app related to treatment. Our extremely talented employees are always in thirst of knowledge for empowering the best medical app development solutions.

Problems Encounter by Healthcare Business

Controlling the Huge Data

Managing the data of patients such as their name, age, sex, illness problem, prescribed medicines, suggested exercise, date of appointment with doctor etc. The information gets too large when we talk about thousand patients or more.Therefore, saving all the details of the patient and that too securely and privately is a huge task.

Maintaining Reputation

The feedback of the patient is a must nowadays to maintain the reputation of your clinic or hospital. The patients are now becoming smarter and they want full advice and consultant services regarding their health and fitness even after seeking the advice the doctor.

Trust Issue Over Medicine and Drugs

The medicines and drugs prescribed by the doctor or displayed on ads always creates controversies. The customer doesn’t trust the medicine advised on the ads and the doctors doesn’t trust the drugs recommended by other doctor.

Modernize Services

The healthcare industry customers always want quick services that are integrated with other channels. To meet the needs and requirements of every age-group is a challenging task to meet up by the healthcare industry.

How Redspark Can Help you in Progressing Your Healthcare Business


Data Collection and Privacy

We store the data of the patients in a well-recorded manner so that the we can easily trace out the patient previous history. Our big data services includes managing appointments, stores individual health records and many other things.



Through the help of advanced medical app having the features of telecommunication and information technology, we can provide medical facilities at a distance. For the rural areas, which are not having easy access to medical services, the telemedicine solutions proves to be very much beneficial.


Spreading Healthcare Awareness

We also offer our specific education services about the disease, methods to diagnose them, medical precautions and awareness services for making the public educate about their health. We develop the app in an interactive and engaging way to make the patients learn more about the health and how to remain hygienic and happy all the time.

We Offer Matchless and Highly Advanced Solutions for Healthcare Industry

  • Fitness Tracking App
  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software
  • Health Insurance App
  • Healthcare Information App
  • Patient Check-In and Out Tracking App
  • Patient and Staff-Tracking App

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