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From the customized content development, mobile learning, social learning solutions, game-based learning, translation and localization services, we proffer the tailored solutions for all education business. Having collaboration with the schools, research institutes, universities and companies, we can offer digital solutions such as e-learning portals and apps that are user-friendly and interactive to the students. Our aim is to spread the candle of knowledge in every corner of the world through the customized software solutions.

Challenges the Education Industry is Going Through


The major threat is perpetrators doesn’t needs their physical presence to enter the bank. The criminals can now online transfer millions of pounds to other account within seconds due to the abuse use of technology. Therefore, the level of security and infrastructure should be robust for withstanding the challenge of cyber-crimes.

Technical Problems

Due to the problems in the internet connectivity, pages uploadation and non-opening of images leads to creates hurdles in the learning process. Proper internet and technical support services are a must for the hassle-free e-learning process.


According to a survey report, it is being found that the students learn much faster and easily in the group. Therefore, the e-learning sites need to make the chat, group discussion and video chatting options available for fulfilling the requirements of the students and to beat the competitors.

Adaptability Struggle

Changing the way of learning from the traditional one of attending the teacher’s lecture to the modernize way of learning by seeing the videos requires time by the students to change their habit.

How Redspark Can Help you in Upgrading Your Business


Collaborative Learning

For the group learning or for seeking the help of the online tutorial, we do create the software tools and technologies to get connected with the other students and teachers.


Interactive and Engaging Solutions

We build online learning platforms for the students as well as corporate learners, to make the learning process an ease for the learners. With the aid of your interactive and engaging web and app solutions, you can learn the time at any-time and from any-where. Only, you needs the curiosity to learn new things.


Video and Game Based Training

We do develop the solutions that involves entertainment plus studies, as studies itself are too boring. We also creates educational bug-free videos to make your brand popularize among the users and to spread your educational portal name on a global level.

Redspark Offering for the Education Industry are

  • Mobile Learning App and Web Applications
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Digital Library and Video Integration
  • Education Enterprise Solutions
  • Edu Games Development

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