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We Custom-Built Directory Application for Your Employees Information

Finding, searching and tracking the business with respect to the location is the main aim in which the business directory helps us. At Redspark, we can cater all your requirements right from secure admin login, front-end data upload, user registration, newsletter management, multi-user support, export of pdf and excel for making your dash-board user-friendly. With the aid of advanced technologies and skilled team of professional developers, we can convert the client’s idea into a full-fledged business directory app solution. Our customized and tailored solutions is an impeccable blend of perfection and customer satisfaction.

Challenges Faced by the Directory Companies

Big Data

Gathering and proper storage of all the information that includes employees profile, department, personal and professional information in the excel sheet, pdf file and Google Drive is a back-breaking work and requires a lots of human labor resource.

Threat of Advanced Technologies

As the advance technologies are getting much familiar and user-friendly, the threat of misuse of the vital information is also getting common. Protecting the confidential information from the cyber-crimes and hackers is a necessary step.

Regular Maintenance

The directory app always needs regular updates as their will be modifications and additions in the phone number, number of persons, change of address and many other relevant things that needs to be updated regularly.

Giving the Customers Ease of Use

With the aid of sophisticated tools and software technologies, the user wants to access the data at every device i.e. on mobile, laptop, desktop, iPad and other devices. Making the app optimize for different devices is a costly investment.

Why Get the Directory App Developed from Redspark?


Integrate Easily

We easily plug-in all your data with ready-to-use connectors and templates to your customized application. All the phone numbers, email addresses can be easily updated with our connectors.


IT Friendly

The apps developed by our developers are fully-secured and can run on all the parameters either on the cloud or on-premises. You can easily search and browse the department, skills, interest, office, location and much more through our directory app.


Quick Delivery

As per the need of the client, we can deliver the custom directory app within a week also. We are very much prominent in our services and leaves no stone overturned to fulfill the client’s requirement.


Quick Alterations

Our experts can make the changes according to your business requirement work-flow. An elegant design of the app provides easy access to information.


Tailored Solutions

Like every business has different needs, we do believe in providing distinct solutions as per your business processes. We make the customize fields according to your data.


Ample Resources

Whether your business is of international or local level, we have sufficient resources to cater the needs of every business size.

Our Custom-Made Directory Solutions

  • E-Learning Development
  • Business Directories Development
  • CRM Development
  • Business Listing Management
  • Location-Based Directory Apps
  • Enterprise Directory Apps

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