Business Process Outsourcing services are immensely beneficial for the small and medium scale business as well as for the large corporate entities. We customized our BPO services to meet the specific requirement of the clients

Business Process Outsourcing Services

We Serve Reliable, Secure and Productive BPO Services To Make Your Business Grow


Proper management of everyday business records is important for all business establishments. The business professionals are usually too busy and they don’t get the time to perform non-core business tasks regularly, which leads to data backlogs and often adversely affects in making proper decisions for the continuous rise of business.

Nowadays, the customers are becoming demanding and asking for instant assistance which is easier with the BPO outsourcing services.
The BPO services act as an interface between the client and the company.

Redspark delivers a well structured BPO solutions for the consistent growth of your system.

At Redspark, we understand the critical needs of your business
and translate them speedily and accurately into IT priorities.
Some of our BPO services are

Technical Support

The problems related to computer hardware, software, internet can be resolved easily by our expertise team via an email, telephone, instant messaging, fax and even on site. Redspark provides live technical support, to customers who are facing problems and helps them to resolve as early as possible.

Website Navigational Assistance

We have a team of experts for navigational assistance support. They helps the website’s end-users to navigate the website successfully. Our representatives are trained and skilled to understand every minute detail of your website’s navigational structure and functionality.

Data Entry from any format

Maintaining huge amount of data and documents in a well mannered and updated way on a regular basis is a tough exercise. We proffer consistent data entry services to help your business streamline in a perfect way. Our core focus is to improve your business productivity and efficiency rate.

Medical transcription

To cater the requirements of medical area, we advance our excellent transcription services in medical field also. Our team of skilled professionals transcribe all the dictations provided in different file formats and imparts error-free transcripts within minimum turnaround time.

General Product Information and Support

Our general product information help desk team offers support at all level for a wide variety of products. Redspark technical support staff is able to provide all levels of dedicated tech support for all type of product.

Installation, Setup and Repair

We troubleshoot the networking issues and complex computer issues that arise at the time of installation and configuration. Our proficient team of skilled individuals are able to deliver the services 24 *7 without any fail.

Training for Software, Hardware and Internet

We also provide training sessions and services to improve the efficiency and productivity of your business. Comprehensive knowledge on the latest software tools and cutting-edge technology is being imparted in the training periods and seminar.

Customer Care

With the usage of exceptional technology, analytics and experience we serve customer care services. By the medium of web, chat, voice, email and fax support services we help in increasing the sales and marketing. Through the technological advancement and revolution, Redspark is determine to provide excellent business solutions.

Benefits of Business Process outsourcing Services

There are number of benefits for outsourcing the business processes. Let’s have a look at some of them

Improvement in Productivity

BPO empowers the corporate executive to focus more on the business process. It helps in increasing the productivity by exploring new revenue areas and by emphasizing more on customer.

Optimum Utilization of Resources

Through the aid of BPO, optimum utilization of the resources are done. Via BPO, reallocation of resources is done for the better efficiency. The productivity with sustainable resources can be highly increase with the proper utilization of employees skills and technology.


Saving the cost is the most vital thing in any business process. By the virtue of BPO, better services and solutions are made easily accessible at lower rates.

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