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Does the Mobile Application Development in the Food and Restaurant Business Works Out?

We must say thanks to the engineers, researchers and the highly intelligent professionals for making the discovery of smartphone. Just have a hold-on and have a look in the previous world, when there was no such gadget for communication and people used to depend on the pigeons or people for convening the message. Now suppose you are asked to live in that world for an entire day? What will you do? Definitely, 90% of the public will quit it, as we have become prone-victim of the gadgets having acc

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What is DKIM? Everything you need to Know about Digital Signatures

Welcome Email DKIM is the abbreviated form of Domain Keys Identified Mail. A digital signature is a mathematical technique used for validating the authenticity and integrity of the message, software or digital document. Digital signatures have eased our life and make us completely hassle-free from the printing, mailing and scanning. With the invention of e-signature, the record management of the employees and customer signature along-with the key documents can be easily done. A digital s

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Website Features Checklist: The Ultimate Must Have on Your Site

Are you going to launch the website for your business? Does your website is fit and perfect from every angle of viewers? If your answer is yes, then it is excellent. But, if the answer is no, then please have a glimpse at the check-list created by us to make your business website ideal and fit from every outlook. On the Page header: The very first thing the user notice on the website is the header page. It is one of the most important things in website designing. Inherently, it must b

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The Importance of Content-Type HTML Character Encoding in Email

Often times it happens, seeing a good subject line of the email makes you frequently open the email. But after opening the email, you see there are various symbols such as dash, ampersand or bullet which are randomly floating here and there without any having any meaning or usage in the email. Ultimately, the results end in disheartening of the client due to the errors in the email. As an email marketer we want to focus the attention of clients on the content of email. With the assistance of

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Signs that the Online Shopping Site is Secure

Security of the payment while doing online shopping is one of the prime concern. While the customer wants rapid, smooth and friendly payment process. The customer likes to have a big basket of shopping from the online sites that are hassle-free and consumes less time at the time of payment. Adjacently, the safety and security of the payment gateway becomes a question of online store reputation. Making a good firewall and a good anti-virus software install in your computer are essential to ke

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Mobile App Crash Reporting Tools

Mobile crash reporting tools make a developer’s life easier, as it’s nearly impossible to test for every possible scenario. From a user perspective, a crash is a disheartening event. When the mobile app just stops working without giving any feedback, this results in unhappy users and loss of data. The developers put their best efforts to create a bug-free application for the users. But, still everything is not perfect. The possibilities of the app crash always remain there. In the pr

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